Loft is based in Leeds in Northern England & we distribute our collection, which includes an exclusive range of furniture designed by Robin Day, all over the world.

Robin Day and Loft first met in 2000 when we collaborated on a City Design Project, Leeds Design Week, in which Robin Day kindly signed some Polo chairs as a prize to be auctioned. From that first meeting we got on really well, so well in fact that Robin agreed that Loft could re-issue several of his iconic furniture designs under the exclusive licence of The Robin Day Collection.

Loft continued to develop their relationship with Robin Day since that first meeting, and over the years we have worked together on new developments including the re-launch of other classic Robin Day pieces, as well as brand new furniture designs.

Robin Day continued to work with Loft until ill health prevented him from working at a drawing board any longer. However, even when he was in his late eighties, Robin Day was still a truly formidable designer and character who could easily outpace our younger designers and engineers.

Loft had the privilege of working closely with Robin Day as our design mentor over the years. We viewed him as though he was our headmaster, scolding us wherever we strayed from even the smallest detail of his instruction and commending us when furniture from The Robin Day Collection was produced entirely to his spec and satisfaction. Loft have manufactured and sold thousands of Robin Day’s classic chairs and sofas every year since 2000.

Robin Day’s four rules for great furniture design remain core and central to Loft’s product ethos today:
1. functionality of use
2. elegance in form
3. economy of sale price
4. sustainability and responsibility of material usage

All of The Robin Day Collection is manufactured and assembled locally in the North of England using British made and sourced materials. Loft use both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques in order to create functional and stylish products that are designed to last. Loft also works hard to try and ensure that the materials used in production can be recycled in the future.

At Loft we are passionate about the products we make and sell. We are honoured to be exclusive suppliers of iconic furniture created by one of Britain’s most famous designers and work hard to offer our domestic and trade furniture clients products that are both functional and beautiful. Within this website you will find examples of some of the most stylish and instantly recognisable examples of British design that are only available from Loft.