Heralded by many as the most influential furniture designer of the 20th century

Robin Day has long been revered in Britain as the grandmaster of furniture design. Born in 1915 in High Wycombe, the historic centre for the British furniture industry, he won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art in London in the early 1930s. A tenacious and strong-willed character, Robin Day first won critical acclaim for his furniture designs in the 1950s.

Robin Day’s most famous and celebrated furniture designs emerged when he experimented with polypropylene and created the first plastic shell chair. The polypropylene and Polo chairs were cheap, durable and stylish and offered a comfortable and affordable option for the masses.

Robin Day’s passion was to create furniture that was practical, sturdy and long lasting. The polypropylene chair was bought in bulk by a range of businesses including airports, hospitals and restaurants due to the chairs versatile and hardwearing design. Robin Day’s chairs can be seen in commercial and domestic environments around the world and are proclaimed as true British design classics.

Robin Day is heralded by many as the most influential furniture designer of the 20th century who made an indelible impression on British design. Robin Day passed away in late 2010. At Loft we feel that it is our great privilege to have been able to work with Robin Day in the last 10 years of his career and to sell timeless designs by a man who lived to become a legend in his own lifetime.


Robin Day at London Design exhibition, sat on Loft’s Robin Day Club Chair (TM)