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The Poloplaey chair represents a collaboration which began over a year ago between Loft and Plaey Workshop.

Loft’s Robin Day designed Polo seats are produced using the original 1970’s injection moulding tool. When the seats are manufactured, as with most mass produced products, there are inevitably some which have minor superficial imperfections meaning they are structurally sound but deemed unsuitable for full price sale.

Rather than simply recycling these seats we wanted to achieve their intended potential whilst also creating something with form, function and environmental responsibility at its heart.

Our research took us to a local designer and maker specialising in all things ply, Matt Kelly of Plaey Workshop. This seemed to be the ideal fit as, by pairing the Polo seat with a sustainably sourced wooden base, the first ever wooden base for the Polo, we would achieve the environmental target that we had set ourselves.

Matt is a designer and maker with an intelligent and honest approach whose fresh and creative uses of plywood put him firmly on our radar. With Matt on board the idea then was to create a chair which could fulfil several design functions:

A chair that would respond to the multifaceted demands of the modern workspace and the changing work patterns in a digital world, be that in an educational, domestic, leisure or office/ breakout setting. Space is often at a premium and the ubiquity of personal devices is such that versatility was key to this design. This brought about the inclusion of a side table and laptop/ desk arm.

Together, Loft and Plaey have created an environmentally sound wood and Valchromat base, that compliments the iconic design of the Robin Day designed Polo seat shell in a beautiful and playful manner. The result is a revolutionary multifunctional product – more than just a chair, a swiss-army chair for any occasion.

Our greenest, most functional, most playful and most versatile chair yet.

Available with the option of mix and matching your seat and base colours, with a choice of upcycled (limited stock) or new seats.

To promote the chairs launch and support the creative arts sector, an area hit quite hard during the pandemic, we linked up with six independent creatives from different disciplines, such as screenprint and graphic design, to produce one off ‘Artist Editions’ of the new Poloplaey chair. These chairs were raffled and the full proceeds donated to MAP, a creative arts education provider.